did you know you used to be my hero? all the days that you spent with me now seem so far away. and it feels like you dont care anymore.

notre dame, så vackert.

and if I ever lose my eyes, if my colors all run dry. yes, if I ever lose my eyes, I wont have to cry no more.

notera den gråtande flickan av sten i sista bilden, så sorgligt.

through the storm we reach the shore. you gave it all but I want more. and Im waiting for you, with or without you. I cant live with or without you.

det här må vara den vackraste restaurang jag ätit på.

now that Ive lost everything to you, you say you want to start something new. and its breaking my heart youre leaving. baby, Im grieving.

maybe I dont really want to know how your garden grows. because I just want to fly. lately did you ever feel the pain in the morning rain as it soakes you to the bone?

I saw sparks.

if youre lost and feeling low. circumnavigate the globe. all you have is hope; for you.

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