you act like you never had love and you want me to go without.

one - U2

one love, we get to share it. leaves you baby if you dont care for it.

youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever.

did I disappoint you? or leave a bad taste in your mouth? you act like you never had love and you want me to go without.

oh were so very precious, you and I. and everything that you do makes me want to die. oh i just told the biggest lie.

ett hörn av en himla bra helg.

I never really understood why it was me, why it was you.

I have a never ending fantasy...

but right now, everything you want is wrong. and right now, all your dreams are waking up. and right now, I wish that I could follow you to the shores of freedom where no one lives.

in you go, into some crowded room. animals climb, and Im climbing over you until you say 'off you go, off you go.'


my heart is yours. its you that I hold on to. thats what Ill do. but I know I was wrong and I wont let you down.


did I drive you away? I know what youll say, youll say "oh, sing one we know." but I promise you this: Ill always look out for you. thats what Ill do.


oh my head just wont stop aching. and Im sat here licking my wounds. and Im shattered, but it really doesnt matter because my rescue is going to be here soon.


oh come on, come on, oh what a state Im in. oh come on, come on, why wont it just sink in. help is just around the corner, for us.


stuck here, in the middle of nowhere. with a head ache and a heavy heart. well nothing was going quite right here, and Im tired. I cant play my part.


well there was a time when you let me know whats really going on below. but now you never show that to me, do you? but remember when I moved in you, the holy dove was moving too and every breath we drew was hellalujah.


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