youth is like diamonds in the sun, and diamonds are forever.

some b&w photos from the last few weeks.

sing nighty-night and kiss me.

if there was world war III, only reruns on TV. then I would still feel alright.

where have you been, is something wrong? I try to just smile and say everythings fine.

stripeyweek -friday. (but I wore stripes then too)

once, there was this boy in my bed. he said he liked the curls in my hair.

dont you shiver.

I hurt myself today to see if I still feel.

cant you see that its just raining. there aint no need to go outside.

for the price of a cup of tea.

but I hope you know that it wont let go, it sticks around with you until the day you die.

in a week Ill be back in school again. its going to be really fun (no irony!) Im really excited. even though it feels good to be free and unoccupied I do look forward to getting up early and going to school again. my only wish right now is that the weather will be nice this last week of summer. now Im going to drink up my 'morning'coffee and then I think Ill hit the gym! have a nice afternoon.


animal I am and Im looking for an answer just like you.

do you keep the reciepts for the friends that you buy? aint it bittersweet you were only just getting by.

do you remember when we met? that was the day I knew you were my pet.

in the white room with black curtains near the station. blackroof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings. silver horses ran down moonbeams in your dark eyes.


dont stop believing.

I knew a girl, she worked in a store. she knew not what her life was for. she barely knew her name. they tried to tell her she would never be as happy as a girl in a magazine. she bought it with her pay.

slowly learning that like is okay. say after me; its no better to be safe than sorry.

are you lost or incomplete? do you feel like a puzzle, you cant find tour missing piece? tell me how do you feel. well I feel like theyre talking in a language I dont speak and theyre talking it to me.

I feel so far from where Ive been. I got my eggs, I got my pancakes too. I got my maple syrup, everything but you.

youre my medicine, open up and let me in. darling, youre so great, I cant wait for you to operate.

last picture as a brunette.
and now Im a dirty blonde.
but after a shower it wasnt so straight anymore though.

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